FirstWinn opted as the official betting partners for Liverpool FC

The most reliable Malaysian and Singaporean online casino set its way off to Liverpool FC

Singapore: 31stDecember 2020 will be a memorable moment for all the followers of the betting and gambling lovers since on this day, The FirstWinn – The best legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino in Malaysia and Singapore is about to announce the prestigious news about being the official betting partners of the Liverpool Football Club. Moreover, the announcement of becoming the best casino operators of 2019 will also be made through a broadcasting campaign event as well as a giveaway promotion on the Christmas Eve of 2020.

The key opinion leaders for this broadcasting event who will be available to broadcast this amazing news to the people are three well-known marketers and influencers namely Joey, Miko, Stella respectively.

The company has planned a lot of activities for this event some of which are:

  • Giving away of an exclusive Liverpool FC T-shirt to the fans
  • Broadcasting of the news with the help of three known key opinion leaders
  • Celebrating their achievement as the leading mobile casino of 2019
  • Starting the New Year with a brand new partnership with the well-known football club, Liverpool

The main objective of this event is to broadcast the message of partnership of FirstWinn with the renowned Liverpool Football Club as the official betting partners and being nominated as the best mobile casinos of 2019.

This is surely great news for the fans of both the domains and the companies as well. Statistics may conclude that both the parties will be getting mutual benefits through each other. The event will be held on the auspicious occasion of Christmas as well as New Year.

The FirstWinn is an unparalleled name in the niche of online betting and thus the Liverpool Football Club is assured to be getting more trust in terms of fantasy sports. This will not only be a factor of trust for the fans but also an engaging unit for them as well.

On the other hand, the Liverpool Football club is surely a popular name in Football industry which may conclude that the FirstWinn can expect a huge growth in terms of audience and promotions. The company can expect to be getting these privileges while being in a tie up with the Liverpool FC:

  • The company will be getting a lot of exposure through the media partners of the Liverpool FC.
  • The company will enjoy several promotions from the players in the club.
  • The company will be gaining new audience through banner advertisements on the field as well as the T-shirts that will be worn by the players of the Liverpool FC.
  • The Company will also be getting promotions through the digital mediums owned by the Liverpool Football Club.

Moreover, the FirstWinn fans and members can take advantage of several benefits within the sports niche as a resultant of the partnership with the Liverpool Football Club. The benefits may include promotional offers, freebies, and member-only bounties.

It is expected that the founders, essential elements, and the various team members will make an announcement for the same and will be promoting the event details to a further extent. However, there is no such action taken as of now but it is very likely to be done.

As a matter of fact, the two companies will be enjoying mutual benefits from each other and will be expecting a long term partnership with each other. As of now, both the companies are equally satisfied with the deal and are eager to get the message publicized across the globe.

With such an attempt, the event organized is a great medium for them along with the three well-known KOLs. Moreover, the attendees of the event will be getting exclusive Liverpool FC merchandise which means the event will be a great benefit for them as well.

The partnership will also let the audience of both the domains to enjoy several benefits in form of bounties through each other such as being able to take part in fantasy sports and making new relationship with the football giants.

About FirstWinn: FirstWinn is a legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino which is located in Malaysia and Singapore. As of now, they have also added up the title of the best online casino in 2019, ahead of their name. They offer several fantasy sporting and betting events through their website.