Yes8sg celebrates the Chinese New Year with their customers

A memorable celebration of CNY celebration with yes8sg opens a new door for customers

Singapore: January 2020, yes8sg is going to bring new hope and a new way to enjoy the online casino games this New Year. This is a leading and legal online casino in Singapore. The casino is going to give happy wishes to its customers through its Chinese New Year celebration 2020.

Customers across the world of this trusted online casino can become a part of this celebration of the Chinese New Year 2020. The casino is all ready to cheers the customers with exciting surprises and goodies. A celebration is a purposeful event where the casino is thanking and appreciating the customer’s loyalty with this online betting casino.

Apart from this, they are going to make the event wondrous by inviting the most admired personalities of the internet. The event’s highlights are mentioned below:

  • An unforgettable celebration of Chinese New Year 2020
  • Invitation to the star social media influencers as key opinion leaders
  • A welcome present for the new customers
  • Thanksgiving for the loyal customers, sponsors, and the KOLs
  • Promotion of the collaboration of KOLs and Yes8sg

Furthermore, the event holds unlocked surprises to the customers. They are going to celebrate this year with all the customers and winners that make it the best online casino. Yes8sg has been in the industry of online gambling casinos for long and they have been doing such kind of events in the past too. But, this year the celebrate Chinese New Year is going to be remarkable memories of the customers. This year will be different for the customers and everyone who is associated with the yes8sg

Moreover, the collaboration they are doing with the KOLs is a highlight of the event. The purpose behind the collaboration is to further expedite the popularity of casino in the world. With this, they are going to connect with other customers who love casino games but are not connected with yes8sg. This is a huge chance for them to connect and interacts with yes8sg via these KOLs.

The Chinese New Year is not a celebration in China but Singaporeans also celebrate them with love and cheers. Great cheers to the casino lovers in 2020! The KOLs are going to further cheer up the faces of customers. These invitees will be the focus of the event where they will be celebrating the Chinese New Year in front of the world with customers of Yes8sg. For the first time, this will be a global and huge event for this No.1 online casino. And by this, it will become further gain the attention of the customers outside Singapore.

And the casino is doing with the help of Instagram popularity of the KOLs. For the first time, there will be four Key opinion leaders joining the event. They have invited all four to be part of the celebration and boost the mood of the customers. They will make the event celebration popular through their Instagram profiles. And these key opinion leaders are having a huge fan base and following on Instagram. Who are these KOLs? Josephy li, Wenxian Huang, sabee, and tzeqian are all the four gorgeous ladies who are the highlights of the event. All the spotlights in the program will be on these popular faces. They are social media and freedom influencers and having many followers. Their followers will be waiting for the event broadcast on the Instagram handles of the profiles. There will be upcoming news and photos and everything related to the Chinese New Year on their Instagram handles. The followers can join them live during the celebration.

Moreover, new customers can also be a part of this celebration by joining this online casino Singapore. This is a great time for being a part of the leading casino in Singapore. The casino is welcoming everyone with open hearts this New Year along with prizes. It is expected that the event will have more exciting activities and prizes for the customers. More and more surprises will be there for the customers of the casino that will bring happiness and smile to their faces.

The Chinese New Year celebration is expected to make memories that last longer with the casino industry. For the very first time, customers will enjoy a different celebration that will broadcast live. All the people across the world can join the events and spread happiness and wishes. The casino wishes its customers in a very unique this year.