Yes8sg to be celebrating this Christmas eve with a surprise

The popular online casino to be surprising their fans

Singapore: 31st December 2019 will be a big day for the fans of the popular football club Chelsea since the yes8- a legal, credible, trusted, and reliable casino operator in Singapore is going to be conducting a giveaway event for the fans of the football club who are engaged in the activity of sports betting and fantasy sports.

They have decided to give away a jersey of the Chelsea football club to the selected winners that will be selected according to an algorithm that is not disclosed yet but is expected to be revealed in the event only.

But there are some facts about the event and the giveaway as a whole that are worth to be aware of. The news is that the giveaway will be conducted at the time of the event only but the winners will be either announced at the exact time by three key opinion leaders with the help of the live stream of the winner announcement on their respective social media accounts.

The full event will not be covered on the live stream from the instagram accounts of the key opinion leaders and only the announcement of the winners will be made through the platform. However, there is some chance that the winner announcement may be made a day after the event.

Moreover, chances are there that the whole event will be broadcasted with the help of some broadcasting Medias however, there is no such news coming out of this for the same.

The three key opinion leaders are reported to be well known influencers, and marketers and they are noticed to be the brand ambassadors of various known brands as well. Therefore, they are appointed for making the event much more engaging than it could be if the key opinion leaders were not present.

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The three key opinion leaders will be provided with a unique reference id which will be different and unique for each of the key opinion leaders and with the help of that only the winners will be announced through their social media accounts specifically on instagram.

This is to be done so that any minor chance of confusion can be eliminated. There will be a limited number of winners for the jersey of the Chelsea football club but still the event is worth attending since there will be a lot of attractive performances that will be conducted during the event.

Furthermore, the event can also cover up some kind of announcements but there is no such news of it coming out of the sources but still the chances are there. The main reason for such a giveaway event is the occasion of Christmas.

As the Christmas is a day of thanks giving and that is why for providing the fans of the Chelsea football club who are engaged in sports betting and fantasy sports, a token of appreciation from their end they are conducting such an event.

That is why they are also giving away a jersey straight from the official wardrobe of the Chelsea football club and that is assured to be the best prize for the giveaway since the audience is engaged and interested in that domain only.

yes8sg, being the official betting partners of the Chelsea football club, can do more of such events to promote themselves as well as the Chelsea football club so that the audience remains with them and keep supporting them.

The role of the three key opinion leaders is to lead the event and to do the major part of first announcing the giveaway and then making the announcements of the winners. They might also be promoting the event with the help of their social media accounts especially Instagram where they have a large number of follower base that can prove to be a good source of traffic for the promotion of the event.

The date fixed for the event is nothing other than the Christmas Eve that is surely the best and the ideal choice for this event to be conducted on. Along with the Christmas Eve giveaway, the company will also be celebrating the New Year through the medium of the event.

About yes8sg: yes8 is a legal, credible, trusted, and reliable online casino operator in the province of the exotic country Singapore. They are acclaimed to be the number one online casino operators in this country and are also the official sports betting partners for the popular football club, Chelsea.